List Segmentation

Segmenting your newsletter means breaking the list of your subscribers into separate sub lists. When asked whether to have more than one list or not, my answer will always go towards the strategy that takes the least amount of work with the most impact.  The quickest way to reach a targeted audience online is through e-mail marketing. Decide how important it is to break up your list with your company’s future goals in mind. A well thought out plan will save on efforts for years to come.

List segmentation allows a marketer to target the messaging based on the readers’ interest and needs. Consider how to make the e-mail campaigns more relevant and write to those audiences. By categorizing your audience based on their specific interests provide value to each separate audience. List can also be separated by location and frequency of communication.

Dividing your list of subscribers has been found to increase engagement and overall performance of email campaigns. Successfully connecting with the correct audience is the first step to many other benefits, such as getting more email newsletters opened and ultimately inspiring more consumer action.

MailChimp, one of the leading e-mail marketing services, found that segmented campaigns had:

  • Opens 14.444% better than the list average
  • Clicks 14.994% better than the list average
  • Bounces 0.803% better than the list average

E-mail Segmentation

Brand Your E-mails

Branding your emails helps your business stand out when opened by your contacts. Making sure your business is recognizable, allows your clients to quickly associate an email with your business. It will also help you build familiarity with potential customers who signed up to learn more about what you have to offer. Here are a few points to remember before sending out your next communications:

  • Add your logo at the top of your e-mail.
  • Using a consistent voice that is reflective of the type of service that is offered by your business.
  • Choose photos that help people get to know, like, and trust your business. Visuals that include photos of your staff, products, or loyal customers.


Use Your Online Touch Points to Grow Your E-mail List

E-mail campaigns are a successful way to grow your business and stay connected to your ideal client to communicate new, updates, and continued products/services.  Are you making use of all your online touch points to grow your e-mail list?  Here are some areas you may want to assess closer to make sure you are making the best use of your online presence to grow your e-mail list:

  • Add a sign-up form to each page of your web site to collect emails from people who visit your site. Make sure to be specific of what type of information they will be receiving.
  • There are a number of non-intrusive tools you can use to promote your email list through a popup message that shows up when accessing your site.
  • Collect email addresses when people are making a purchase, but be sure to indicate they’re opting-in to receive future emails from your company.
  • Add a link with an option to sign up to e-mail reminders to your online listings such as Yelp, social media accounts, etc.
  • Add a sign-up link to your next online survey.

Opt in



E-mail Marketing for the Online Presence of Your Business

By: Monica Peña   (@MUNDUmedia)

E-mail marketing is a great way to build loyalty, trust, and/or brand awareness. If used correctly, sending e-mail messages will cultivate long lasting relationships of a merchant with its current or previous customers, encourage customer loyalty, communicate updates on new products/services, and help create repeat business.

Tips to getting started with your online marketing or to improve an existing campaign are:

  • It is important to use an e-mail marketing provider, so that there is an opt-out option.
  • Add sign up form on your web site so that your contacts have the option to sign up to receive your information.  Let potential subscribers know what and how often information will be shared.
  • Remember branding and make sure to add your company’s logo prominently on each communication.
  • Follow a certain format or theme so that contacts can easily find information and for branding.
  • Stay relevant and current with shared information.  Remember e-mails are an extension of your customer service.  Think about answering your customer questions, new offerings, or what information they most want to know about.
  • Use images when possible to make the newsletter visually appealing. Short and to the point with message e-mails are the most popular.
  • Add “Send to Friend” option as a way for interested readers to easily forward the information to their contacts.
  • Include social share features and add newsletter to updates on social media sites.
  • Segment your list when possible to customize communication for a certain purpose to a particular group of viewers.
  • Reroute readers to your web site for search engine optimization (SEO) perks and call to action purposes.
  • Check analytics to see which links have been clicked through or what information is the most popular.  Evaluating results helps the correspondence get better each time.

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