Invitations for more follows on LinkedIn

The more followers you have on your LinkedIn business page the much easier it becomes to promote your brand initiative.  And now it’s much easier to add not just followers to your LinkedIn Page, but personal connections who might be more likely to evangelize your brand and your content.

In the “Admin Tools” section in the upper right corner of the home page of your LinkedIn business group or page, simply click “Invite Connections” and you’ll have the opportunity to send a follow invite to any of your LinkedIn connections. Be sure to encourage the rest of your LinkedIn Page admins to comb through their connections as well.  Keep your community-building efforts on by encouraging your peers to personally invite members who might be interested in your LinkedIn Page or LinkedIn Group.

Why have a strategy for your social media content?

Whether on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social platform, it is important to have a strategy for your online presence. A strategy gives the brand a distinct and cohesive plan. Having a strategy influences how potential customers think of your company.  Consider the narrative, themes, visual identity and tone of voice of your content. Creating a plan and being strategic with this plan allows for the brand to stay consistent.  To stand out, companies need to create a unique visual identity and support it with an authentic point of view.

For users that need to use stock photos, consider branding the photos as much as possible and using the space on the images for branding purposes with text or keywords.  Content strategy, creative strategy and creative design all work together to create your brand’s social media identity and style.  In sync, all three will complement each other. 

Create a Secondary Language Profile on LinkedIn

If your clientele caters to different languages or you want to prove your fluent in more than one language, you will want to make your LinkedIn Profile available in both languages.

To create your profile in another language:
Click the Me icon at top of your LinkedIn homepage.
Click View profile.
Click Add profile in another language on the right rail.
Choose a language from the dropdown list and update your first name and last name if they’re different in the new profile’s language.

As you continue to adjust your main profile, make sure to remember to adjust the same information in the second language.

You can also delete a secondary language profile by selecting the language from the drop down list. Just select “Delete this profile link” and click Delete.

Reasons to keep your LinkedIn Profile updated

Once you have created your LinkedIn account there are not too many occasions where you will have to give your profile a complete makeover. But it is important to keep it updated and review it regularly as circumstances do change for every professional. Plus when contacts visit your profile, you want to make sure how you are representing yourself offline matches your online presence. If someone Googles your name, your LinkedIn profile will most likely show up high on a search.

Updating your LinkedIn profile regularly ensures that you provide the latest information about your accomplishments, education, and projects. It also gives you a chance to review areas of your profession you may be missing. Are you lacking certain certifications or have not gotten involved in a certain groups?  Like a resume, you want to ensure the person viewing your profile know who you are and your accolades. Have you received recommendations from people you have recently worked with or a project just completed? When reviewing your profile, it is a great time to goal set since we are all a work in progress.

Creating the right headline for your LinkedIn Profile

A LinkedIn headline is the short description that appears right below your name on your profile. It is the first thing that gets noticed by visitors when they land on your profile. The best headlines get viewers to read more and leads to them taking further action.  Here are a few ways of correctly creating a LinkedIn Headline for your profile:
  • Be clear, compelling and specific.
  • Keep your LinkedIn headline simple.
  • Use keywords and be creative.
  • Be specific with your specialization.
  • Remember you can change your profile to suit the situation.

If you are not clear how important the headline is to your LinkedIn profile, take the time to read more here.

Why Your LinkedIn Headline is Important

The headline on your LinkedIn account is a short text below your name in the introduction section on your profile. It may be short but can make a big difference on whether someone takes extra time to find out about you. Find out more about what makes the headline on your LinkedIn account so important below:

  • Your LinkedIn headline appears in Google search results. Google picks up this short description and displays it. If you Google your name, your LinkedIn profile and this description will come up.
  • It may be the first description someone reads about you and you want to make a great first impressions.
  • When you ask to make a new connection, most of the time this is what the person first notices about you.
  • Use the headline to further brand yourself.
  • Its a quick way to encourage people to click on your profile.

Now that you know your headline on your LinkedIn Profile is important, find out how to create the right one.

When a contact ask you to resend a LinkedIn Recommendation Request

You’ve sent a LinkedIn request to one of your contacts, but when you follow up with them about writing you the recommendation they say they can’t find it. Now what?

If you go to their profile to make the request again, there will be a message that comes up that says a recommendation has already been sent to this contact. Don’t be concerned. There is an easy solution to this…

The original request will be in messages. Simply copy the message & link and resend so that a notification comes up on their profile that they have a messages.  Send them a regular email to let them know that they should have a message on LinkedIn from you with the request. You are ready to receive another stellar review.

Keywords for LinkedIn Recommendation Request

Keywords are essential to a LinkedIn Profile as your profile will be easily searchable and helps with personal branding. LinkedIn recommendations builds a strong reputation. There are a couple of reasons why it is important to incorporate keywords into your LinkedIn Recommendation Request.  This is why:

  • Make it as easy as possible for the person receiving the request to write one. Be specific with experiences while including the words so they have a better understanding what you are looking for in a recommendation.
  • If you incorporate keywords into your request, you have a higher probability the words will be used. Having someone else use your keywords when writing a testimonial about you, reinforces your brand.

Using keywords in your LinkedIn Profile

Keywords are essential to a LinkedIn Profile. Keywords makes your profile be easily searchable, clearly communicates your expertise, and helps your personal brand. Below are some considerations to selecting keywords for your profile.

  • If you work in an industry that has career-specific terms (and most all do), it’s a good idea to include these keywords in your profile. Even if these terms are only a part of your career expertise – including them in your profile is important.
  • Think about words that would be used by someone wanting to find someone with your expertise.
  • Do your research. Search leaders in your industry and see what words they have used and if these can be applied to your profile.
  • Be strategic about your choice of keywords.  Don’t use a bunch of random words that will confuse the reader.

Use keywords throughout your LinkedIn Profile, from your headline, about section to even organizations you are involved with. Find out how to use keywords when requesting testimonials.


Who should receive your LinkedIn Recommendation requests?

We already know the importance of  LinkedIn Recommendations , but now we have to consider from who to request a LinkedIn recommendation. LinkedIn allows users to write a recommendation only to 1st-degree connections. Who can best vouch for your skills, how well you are at working important tasks, and your character? Consider the below four categories:

A happy customer – With no doubt this is the best person to request a recommendation.  A testimonial from a satisfied customer can attract more just like them for a future project. Best at the time they tell you how happy they are with your work ask them for their recommendation.

Team member – Someone that has worked along side you can testify to your work ethics, experience, skills, and how well you work with a group.

Supervisor – Past or present superiors know if you are timely at meeting goals and commitment.

Volunteer – If you have spent a consistent amount of time volunteering for an organization or served on a board, a recommendation from this source can show passion and determination.

Brainstorm which contacts you will need to connect with or are already connected.  Then start requesting.  Find out how.