Yelp Reviews Visible on Bing Search Results

Yelp platform is a crowd-sourced local business review and social networking site. Reviews from Yelp are now appearing on results from the web search engine, Bing, when users search for a business name. Bing is displaying the most recent reviews by default, but users can also filter the results to show either “Favorable” or “Critical” reviews.

Escobar Construction Yelp Review on  Bing

For businesses with multiple locations, Bing selects one location to show reviews on and shows additional locations under those primary reviews which can be expanded with a click by the user, exposing reviews for that specific location.

Vazquez Review for Yelp on Bing

With this feature in mind, businesses should Stay in Control of Their Online Reputation and make sure to follow the information from the blog to Enhance their business page on Yelp.


Stay in Control of Your Online Reputation

By:  Monica Peña (

As more consumers are looking online to decide for providers of service or product, companies must take control of their online reputation. Some considerations to keep in mind to ensure you are building the best name for your business are:

  • Goal set on how often to search online conversations about your company and on sites that may have new company reviews like Yelp, City Search, etc.  Check social media sites that comments about the company can be added.
  • Set up and make sure to correct any online information that may be outdated or can be improved.
  • Actively seek out recommendations from satisfied customers by adding review site icons and live links to your company’s web site, newsletter, and/or any other communication.
  • Do not be detoured by bad reviews. Criticism may reveal places in your business that can be improved.  The smart consumer will be wise enough to recognize that at times a company will come across difficult customers that will never be pleased. Having several great reviews will distract attention from the negativity.





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Enhance your business page on Yelp

Yelp operates as an online local guide that consumers can add reviews about their experiences with businesses. Yelp has many features that companies are not taking full advantage of:

  • Claim your business and make sure all contact information is accurate.
  • Add web site link to business profile.
  • Complement and allow your business profile to stand out with pictures of previous jobs.
  • List the company’s specialties with the use of key words.
  • Explain the history of the company to help prove expertise.
  • Give a face and personality for the consumer to relate to by adding information about the company’s owner.