Meetingbird Scheduling Application

I recently was sent the link to someone’s scheduling application to figure out the best time for us to meet for coffee or a phone chat. This link was to the app  . The person I met with raved about how he was able to customize meeting times, locations, and more. The application helps schedule meetings faster and cut down on back and forth messages.  Users can sign up through Google or Microsoft Office 365.  Meetingbird’s free plan provides unlimited scheduling and integrations with Zoom and Zapier.  The Pro version costs $9 for each user per month when billed annually and allows users to add their own branding to scheduling pages.  For large group meetings, the application allow users to create Polls to vote on a time that works for everyone. For users that travel across time zones there is full time zone support and the application automatically displays meeting times in the timezone of the viewer so users are able to schedule meetings across time zones with no confusion.

What is your favorite scheduling application?