LinkedIn’s Profinder Proposal Request

LinkedIn ProFinder program is designed to help freelance and independent marketers find new clients by meeting the qualifications. LinkedIn members interested in the freelancer’s services will make a request for services they need. Once LinkedIn’s algorithm finds a request that matches the expertise, an email with a proposal request will be sent out for services.  Profinders goal is to get the person requesting services up to five responses from highly qualified, local professionals within 48 hours of request submission.

Requests are brief and specific:

Profinder Request



Responses need to be timely and professional with a competitive price range for the service requested. The range may change once more details are communicated on the project.  The initial response will serve as a reference for the base of the cost of services.  Once the proposal is submitted, it will be shared and linked to your LinkedIn ProFinder profile.




Include next steps in your response, such as scheduling a phone call or an in person meeting. Any questions for the potential customer should also be included in the response. Before hitting send, reread your message paying additional attention to spelling and grammar. It is recommended to use spell check to double check.

The client may be evaluating up to 5 offers, so make sure your response stands out and reevaluate and adjust your profile periodically.


How to Add a YouTube Video Into a WordPress Blog

Don’t like to write and have considered video blogging instead? Created a YouTube video and don’t know how to add it your WordPress blog? Just have a trendy video that will fit well with the rest of your web site’s blog content? Here are the simple steps to embed video onto your blog page:

First go to the video’s YouTube page.

YouTube Video

Click on the Embed option. This is the embedded code you will need to add to your blog later in the instructions.

YouTube to blog post

Go   to the page where you add new posts to your WordPress web site. Add your text and decide where you want your video to be added. Click in that area.

YouTube video to WordPress Blog

Switch to text option and add embedded code to the area you want your video to be added.

YouTube Video to WordPress Blog

Go   back to Visual option and then click to Preview your blog . The video will appear.

Preview YouTube Video on WordPress Blog





Pre-schedule Your Facebook Updates

The best way to be consistent with your Facebook business page’s activities is to set time aside to pre-schedule your updates. Facebook algorithms are not friendly to third party pre-scheduling applications.  By using a third party application like Hootsuite, most likely your audience will not see the information unless they directly go into your fan page to search. Facebook does allow users to schedule their post directly from the Business Page.

To get started strategize on content, pattern, and quantity of post.

Start creating your post at the top of your Business Page’s Timeline.  Click next to Publish and select Schedule.

Facebook Schedule

Below Publication, select the date and time when you want the post to publish.  Click Schedule.

Facebook Schedule Posts

The page will show how many post have been scheduled with the option to view.

Facebook Schedule Posts

Be  sure to monitor the success of your efforts by viewing the Insights section.  Adjust posted times and subject depending on the outcome.


List Segmentation

Segmenting your newsletter means breaking the list of your subscribers into separate sub lists. When asked whether to have more than one list or not, my answer will always go towards the strategy that takes the least amount of work with the most impact.  The quickest way to reach a targeted audience online is through e-mail marketing. Decide how important it is to break up your list with your company’s future goals in mind. A well thought out plan will save on efforts for years to come.

List segmentation allows a marketer to target the messaging based on the readers’ interest and needs. Consider how to make the e-mail campaigns more relevant and write to those audiences. By categorizing your audience based on their specific interests provide value to each separate audience. List can also be separated by location and frequency of communication.

Dividing your list of subscribers has been found to increase engagement and overall performance of email campaigns. Successfully connecting with the correct audience is the first step to many other benefits, such as getting more email newsletters opened and ultimately inspiring more consumer action.

MailChimp, one of the leading e-mail marketing services, found that segmented campaigns had:

  • Opens 14.444% better than the list average
  • Clicks 14.994% better than the list average
  • Bounces 0.803% better than the list average

E-mail Segmentation : Content Curation Technology is a robust content curation technology that assist users to save time finding the content needed. This intuitive publishing platform allows publishing to be easier to reach goals.’s smart suggestion engine crawls more than 30 million web pages every day to minimize efforts to find great content. Discover  how to automate content through the big-data semantic technology by simply entering a few keywords and the platform will find content gems to easily curate and publish content to your social networks, web sites, blogs, and newsletters.

To get started, find a topic which is the subject matter wanted. Use to help curate and publish content. It consists of a topic title to identify the subject; one or several keywords that will use to search and suggest content related to that topic; the language to be used for that topic; and a topic page that will archive and display all the curated content to publish on that topic to be used as a blog or content hub.

When users sign up for their account, the first thing they will be prompted to do is to create a topic. Next, to select the language for these suggestions to curate and receive content suggestions in. Next users enter a few keywords that are related to the content that is planned on being shared on the topic page.  These can be adjusted later. will use these keywords to generate sources for Suggestion Engine and feed content that comes from these sources from around the web.

Keyword search

Make the most of the suggestion engine by prioritizing the freshness or relevance. Users can prioritize freshness and get recent content first.  Users can monitor specific sources on specific keywords and manually add these sources to Smart Suggestion Engine to see content suggestions from manually added sources that match your keywords. For example, to curate content from influencers in a particular industry can use the process to add to blogs as sources and turn off the Suggestion Engine.  Only content will show up with the availability to platforms.

Scoop it

Wealthy Sisters Network Celebrates Mashable Social Media Day!

Whether you are a Social Media Expert or JUST getting started, Wealthy Sisters Network promises to have something for YOU to help you grow your business and/or knowledge about building wealth online!

Are you READY to BOOST your BUSINESS and your CONNECTIONS?  If so , join us tomorrow starting at 7am CST through 7pm CST as we interview some of the GREATEST social media minds today!

Can’t attend LIVE? Register with Wealthy Speaker University at to receive the full replays! (Replays will be sent by Monday July 18th, 2016)

To attend virtually:  Dial 425-440-5100 #399472

If you are SERIOUS about moving your business to the NEXT LEVEL, you do NOT want to miss this event. Social Media is CRITICAL to doing business and staying in business!

Social Media Day Agenda with International Social Media Experts

7 AM : Opening of Event with Dawniel Winningham  with the Importance of Social Media

8 AM : Portia Chandler- Social Media Content & Strategies

9 AM : Kemya Scott- Content Marketing

10 AM : Shade’ Adu, Stivii Mills , Famira Green- Branding on Social Media

11 AM : Vanessa Collins- The Importance of Technology

12 PM : Ashley Ann – Instagram

1 PM : Apryl Beverley

2 PM : Monica Pena- Quick Tips for Getting You LinkedIn for Successful Results!

3 PM : Allison Kirk – How To Use Instagram For Business

4 PM : Sharvette Mitchell- Effective Social Media Strategies for the Part- Time Entrepreneur

5 PM : Dawniel Winningham Closing of the event with the Importance of Video In Social Media

Social media

Brand Your E-mails

Branding your emails helps your business stand out when opened by your contacts. Making sure your business is recognizable, allows your clients to quickly associate an email with your business. It will also help you build familiarity with potential customers who signed up to learn more about what you have to offer. Here are a few points to remember before sending out your next communications:

  • Add your logo at the top of your e-mail.
  • Using a consistent voice that is reflective of the type of service that is offered by your business.
  • Choose photos that help people get to know, like, and trust your business. Visuals that include photos of your staff, products, or loyal customers.


Nextdoor: Making It Easier to Connect with Your Neighborhood

Nextdoor is the private social network for your neighborhood.  Nextdoor allows users to connect with people who live in their neighborhood and nearby neighborhoods by information sharing about what’s going on in your neighborhood—whether it’s finding a last-minute babysitter, learning about an upcoming block party, or hearing about a rash of car break-ins. There are many ways neighbors’ knowledge can help others, and Nextdoor makes it an easier way to connect with them.

Before registering an account, prospective users verify their home address. Verification methods include providing a credit card or confirming a code mailed or phoned to the prospective user, although such methods are not foolproof. Nextdoor provides registered users with a list of neighbors who have also registered.

There are several categories on the platform from daycare, crime and safety to lost & found.  A section that allows users to make recommendations for services in their area ranging from veterinarians, lawn services, contractors, to dog groomers. Businesses being proactive about requesting recommendations on this outlet has been beneficial. Creating or joining a group on Nextdoor enable neighbors with shared interests to send messages to only each other.  This is great way to meet more people in the specific area where you live. The event section is a great way to be more active in the area and promote your event!

While mentioning your business to your neighbors is allowed in many neighborhoods, posting an unsolicited recommendation to your nearby neighborhoods or spamming one’s neighbors with multiple, unsolicited messages about one’s business is forbidden. However, a typical policy might allow neighbors with a local business to do the following:

  • Mention their business in their introductory post
  • Include information about it in their profile
  • Make one post in the relevant Recommendation categories letting folks know about their business (including links to their website)
  • Respond when neighbors ask for a recommendation in one of those categories (as long as they are upfront about the fact that they own or work for the business in question)

It is not appropriate to post an unsolicited recommendation of your own business to your Nearby Neighborhoods. However, responding to a request for a recommendation from a nearby neighbor is appropriate, as long as you identify your relationship to your business.Nextdoor is currently testing ways to allow local businesses to participate on Nextdoor that enables them to share information with members about their services. If you to want to stay informed about the progress of Nextdoor for businesses and be notified of opportunities to participate, you can sign up here.


Create More Social Conversation for Your Next Event Using Eventbrite with Tagboard

Eventbrite partners with Tagboard to provide event organizers the ability to add a strategic hashtag campaign and utilize Tagboard’s social discovery and display tools from within Eventbrite. The Tagboard extension is accessible in the Manage Dashboard and, once configured, will automatically add a widget in the event details section of the listing page to promote the event hashtag. Organizers can showcase social media posts about an event using a hashtag of their choice. Display this showcase live at the event or online before, during, and after. Add an official hashtag for your event and enable social discovery and display tools. Display Twitter, Instagram, and public Facebook posts at the event, online & in your event listing using a #hashtag of your choosing. The Tagboard Extension for Eventbrite enables users to easily discover and display great social content directly from the Eventbrite dashboard.

  • Create an engaging interactive live display of your events best social content on your website and live at the event.
  • Drive ticket sales by centralizing your social conversation with a hashtag.
  • Fuel your attendees talking about their experience at the next event on social media.

Tagboard can be used for free or upgraded to live display and website embed leading up to and during your event for a one-time fee. Install App from here.

eventbrite with tagboard

Tips for Better Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential and efficient strategy for businesses that want long-term success across search engines. With the rise of mobile devices, such as Apple watches, proximity-based searches will continue to grow in popularity, and local searches will be determined by hyper-specific locations. Since local searches often lead to in store visits or purchases, there is no denying the value of ranking locally. There are a few steps that will help with local SEO:

  • Claim your Google My Business page and  fill out all your essential business information. This allows a combination of social, search and Web initiatives into one dashboard.
  • Make sure to ask your customers for reviews for different recommendation sites. In some cases it may be appropriate to create a page on your website that shows all the review options, or you can send out emails to past clients asking for feedback.
  • Use social media to engage and generate traffic to web site. Use online conversations to attract your ideal clients.

Local SEO