IBM MobileFirst Studio in Austin, TX

By:  Monica Peña ( @MUNDUMedia )

During this year’s SXSW Interactive , I had the opportunity to visit IBM for a sneak peak at their MobileFirst Studio in Austin, TX which provides clients direct access to teams of IBM mobile experts. Clients can work side-by-side with IBM mobile professionals in the 3,000 square foot interactive, experience-based learning environment and view over 15 working mobility solutions for a wide variety of infrastructure innovations across applications and industries. MobileFirst Studio in Austin will be open to the public on April 9, 2015.

Some of the innovation in mobile solutions highlights that I was shown during the tour were:

  • IBM MobileFirst Collaboration Services which allows professionals to get the job done wherever you are, with integrated voice, video, and application support on your mobile device.
  • IBM MobileFirst Infrastructure Analytics Services which allows better understanding of app usage, performance, quality and more by monitoring infrastructure in real time.
  • IBM Mobile Client Care Services – Analytics monitors, analyzes and optimizes client care systems in real time from mobile device.
  • Mobile Cloud Enablement on SoftLayerbuilds, configures and deploys virtual servers from any mobile device.
  • IBM MobileFirst Application Platform Services rapidly creates agile dev, test or production environments using patterns, and then scales and monitors those environments based on business needs.

The IBM Austin MobileFirst Studio is located at 11501 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78758 in Building 903, the front center building on the campus.

IBM MobileFirst Studio



Declutter Your Electronic World

After 13 years of managing teams, Diana Duran Wettling started Practical Arrangements, a professional organizing and consulting company. She is dedicated to helping her clients become more organized to reduce their stress and help them find more time to run their business. Wettling shares some of her insights:

Declutter your Inbox

  1. is a useful tool to manage all of your newsletters, subscriptions, and invitations.
  2. Create folders to keep your inbox organized with only what you need to read and what needs attention.
  3. Act immediately after opening an email you need to work on. Use your calendar to remember tasks, not your emails.
  4. Adjust social online platform settings to reduce e-mails.

Use your spare 5 minutes and declutter your electronic world by deleting:

  • downloads you no longer need.
  • unnecessary information from your smartphone including programs, contacts, messages.
  • unopened emails you’ll never read.

We need much less than we think we need.