Use your online presence to personify your company

Ever been motivated to buy a product or use a service by a really good story? By creating a personality on your web site and social media that consumers can relate to, companies can propel their brand into new levels. Remember that people relate more to people than just another company out of millions on […]

Increase SEO to get more return on your investment

Are you several pages away from ranking first on an organic Google search? Spent lots of money on a web site, but the clients you would like can’t find you? It is time to concentrate on key factors to improve these results. Sometimes less is best. Targeting qualified and relevant traffic is better than having huge […]

Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Your web site has been made.  How do you get visitors to your site to paid customers? Here are three ways you can add to your website today to increase how many people visit your web site to how many of these visitors make a purchase or use your services. Using testimonials on your web site […]

Web Site and Social Media Class at Economic Growth Business Incubator (EGBI)

Austin’s a great city for small business. Economic Growth Business Incubator (EGBI) embraces the spirit by bringing historically under-served individuals support to help make them successful business owners. That includes training, coaching and more, delivered in a comfortable environment in either English or Spanish. Staff meet with clients at their individual level as they start, grow and sustain grassroots businesses, […]

Growing Your IT Presence: LinkedIn & Website Concepts/Security/Trends

On Saturday, August 1st, Life Coach Mediations, ADR will host  two facilitators that will enlighten and instruct attendees on: How to efficiently increase business’ LinkedIn presence by Monica Peña of MUNDU Media Website development, current trends, IT Security and effective programming languages by Nameir Majette of EIX Systems. FACILITATORS:  Monica Peña and Nameir Majette. Monica Peña is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who carefully […]

Mobile-friendly Websites

The percentage of mobile web-traffic has dramatically increased to over 50 percent of overall traffic for some websites.  Google recently launched their algorithm shift to favor sites that are “mobile-friendly” so that consumers can find content easy to read and interact with on smaller mobile screens.   The update will not affect results from desktop searches. […]