Promoting Your Next Workshop Online

Creating and presenting workshops is a great way to showcase your industry knowledge and experiences.  Putting systems in place to reach out to the correct audience is the next step to reaching success.

12 steps to reaching your ideal attendees and having them take action:

  • Create a title that is sure to catch their attention and add a description that meets a need of this group. Focus on your audience.
  • Make sure to give an incentive to encourage early registration.
  • Add an event or calendar page on your web site with keywords.
  • Create a persuasive blog for your next event with attractive details for the can’t-miss event.
  • Adding the workshop to an event platform like Eventbrite allows for a broader reach of readers that scan these sites for such opportunities.
  • Create a list of local community calendars to add the event.
  • Share on social media personal and professional platforms.
  • Create an e-mail campaign.
  • Contribute information to online discussion platforms like Nextdoor, LinkedIn Groups, Meetup, and etc.
  • If you give a presentation through another group during the promotional period, share workshop registration information verbally and follow up with a personalized e-mail to those that were interested.
  • Write a press release and send to the media.

Don’t stop marketing the event until the day of the event or until it is sold out!

Promote your workshop