Improving your company’s Yelp profile

For business owners wanting to get started on Yelp or improve their presence there, here are a few points to keep in mind.

  1. Advertisers can’t pay to add or remove reviews.
  2. “Recommended” reviews are chosen by an automated algorithm. You can flag a review for a second look if you’d like, but those “501” reviews (5 stars, 0 friends, 1 review) are probably not going to make the cut, even if you are an advertiser.
  3. No payment is needed to begin take advantage of the great free tools available to business owners on Yelp.

Now you are ready to get started or improve your presence on Yelp.

Claim your business.  Visit this web site HTTPS:// .  Make sure your business information is complete with contact info and photos.  Tell your story.

Update your information. Make sure your customers know how to reach you when they are ready.  Continue to add photos to showcase the best of your business.  Be sure to update info like hours.

Respond to reviews. Publicly thank those who review you. Do not respond negatively to negative reviews. Do let them know they’ve been heard, and consider their feedback with an open mind.

Check analytics.  See what’s happening on your page in real time. Track clicks, calls, page visits – and learn more about your potential customers.

Use Yelp review badges.  Review online Badges allow you to showcase your business’s reviews from Yelp on your own website, and the counter updates every time you get a new review. If you don’t have any reviews yet, it’s also a good way to drive traffic to your Yelp Business Page. These are a free feature that you can set up by going to the Review Badges section of Yelp for Business Owners.  It is against guidelines to request reviews, but this is a great way for you to let people know about your Yelp Biz account.

Request a “Find Us on Yelp” sticker for your office window to let clients know about your account.

Request guidelines for using Yelp’s logos, reviews, and star ratings.

yelp analytics


Yelp’s Three New Features

Yelp introduces three new features to their crowd-sourced review site for local businesses:

Yelfie- Yelp users now have an opportunity to take a check-in photo when visiting a business on Yelp. The camera then flips or reverses so the user can take a picture of themselves. This information, along with the business name and the user’s rating of that business can be shared on social media.

yelfie yelfie





Shareable Bookmark Collections- On  October of 2016, Yelp introduced bookmark collections allowing users to curate and organize their own lists of businesses on the platform.  Yelp is now allowing users to share these bookmark collections with other users by tapping the “share” icon.

AI-Driven Business Images- Yelp has started leveraging AL and machine learning to help identify the best of the more than 100,000 photos that are being uploaded to Yelp every day to appear on business pages. According to Yelp. “Over the past year, we’ve done extensive evaluation and analysis to improve the quality of the photos shown at the top of each business page.”


Filtered Yelp Reviews publish crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses. Yelp uses automated software to recommend the reviews considered to be the most helpful to the Yelp community based primarily on quality, reliability and the reviewer’s activity on Yelp. Some reviews made to businesses do not make the cut and are therefore not factored into this business’s overall star rating. The below video explains more:

To find filtered reviews scroll down to below the reviews listed on your profiles, to the clickable link “Other reviews that are not currently recommended.” As you sift through filtered reviews, you may come across good reviews that you would like to see free from the filter. Once you find a good review, simply copy and paste the first few lines of the review into Google, if you cannot find it right away, add parenthesis around the text and click the link to the page of the person leaving a review. Three buttons below the review, useful, funny and cool. According to Yelp’s explanation of its review software, the company aims to show “useful” reviews. In order to get your votes released from the filter, you will need to get people to vote your review as “useful,” and for the sake of appearing natural, a few “funny” and “cool” votes won’t hurt anything either.

The votes must meet three factors for Yelp to consider authentic to release filtered reviews.

  1. The votes need to come from unique IP addresses
  2. The votes need to be spread out over several days to look real
  3. Getting some votes from people with active Yelp profiles is very helpful.

Yelp filtered review


Yelp Reviews Visible on Bing Search Results

Yelp platform is a crowd-sourced local business review and social networking site. Reviews from Yelp are now appearing on results from the web search engine, Bing, when users search for a business name. Bing is displaying the most recent reviews by default, but users can also filter the results to show either “Favorable” or “Critical” reviews.

Escobar Construction Yelp Review on  Bing

For businesses with multiple locations, Bing selects one location to show reviews on and shows additional locations under those primary reviews which can be expanded with a click by the user, exposing reviews for that specific location.

Vazquez Review for Yelp on Bing

With this feature in mind, businesses should Stay in Control of Their Online Reputation and make sure to follow the information from the blog to Enhance their business page on Yelp.