Communicate to your members for a successful Meetup group

You have created your Meetup group. Now what? How do you keep the excitement going? Or you have had your Meetup group for a while, and it has lost momentum.  How do you turn this around?

Get excitement going before the event.

  • Leading up to the event, add updates with detailed comments on the event’s page. Ask questions to create engagement with members. Make sure to respond to questions.

Send personal messages.

  • Reach out to new members and let them know what to expect at your event.
  • Tell first-timers you look forward to meeting them and will introduce to them the others.

Create reminder messages.

  • Put systems in place for continued communication with the group.  Figure how frequent these will go out.  For my group, I have let them know that I will only send out an email once a month. This way they know how often expect the email and the expect another reminder.

Work the crowd.

  • People will not remember what you said, but how they felt. Be sure everyone feels welcomed and make introductions to newcomers, especially if you notice they look uncomfortable.
  • Ask for help from members or friends for tasks that will not allow you to be a good host.

Celebrate each event.

  • No matter the number of the turn out be happy with everyone that shows up.  The right people will be present.
  • Share photos afterward of the event.  Select images of happy members and highlights.  Let attendees know where the photos will be posted.


Virtually Appealing

By: Monica Peña   (@MUNDUmedia)

As it is important to attend a professional event looking prepared, professional, and groomed, it is equally as important to be appealing on line.  Often times, colleagues or potential clients will want to connect on social sites.  Most importantly the ones trying to make a decision on whether to use your product/services will do an on-line search of your name and company.  A few items to consider:

  • Is your web site inviting and concise.  Are your social media sites being used as an extension of this flow of information?
  • Invest in a logo that will stand out and have a clear tag line that embraces what it is that you offer. Many times these are the first impressions of your company that is seen.
  • Make sure your blogs are informative as well as spaced correctly, bold information if need be to gage importance, or use a variation of font.
  • Correct punctuation can make your company stand out, where others are not making use of it.
  • On-line interactions, including e-mails, can tell a lot about a person’s professionalism.  The gesture of simply thanking someone can go a long way in creating your company’s image with someone.
  • Make sure to do a search on your own company and self to be aware of what others are seeing.  Google Alerts is a great way to keep up with your on-line reputation.

Virtually Appealing Eyes