Getting You LinkedIn for Successful Results!

By: Monica Peña   (@MUNDUmedia)

LinkedIn is today’s most popular business social network that connects professionals from all over the world. Its goal is to make people more productive and successful through networking with other people and organizations that share the same background or industry. With reports that LinkedIn has 21.4 million monthly unique U.S. visitors, more than 238 million members globally, including executives from every Fortune 500 Company, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. Its many features allow users to convey their personal branding message while growing their visibility in searches and staying connected to large networks and contacts.

I will be hosting Getting Your LinkedIn for Successful Results! workshop.

  • Discuss professional goals for best personal branding
  • Set time management and future strategy standards
  • Successfully complete LinkedIn profile for the ability to confidently maneuver through various features of the platform to increase visibility. 
Follow-up LinkedIn workshops will discuss in further detail Business Pages, Showcase Pages, and Groups.

For more detail and to register:

Workshops may be taken consecutively in the same month or one workshop each month. 

There is a limit to 15 registrants per class for best interaction. This is a hands on workshop, please bring lap top to optimize your time.



“Over the past decade, LinkedIn has become an essential personal branding tool. It has never been more important to build and maintain a stellar LinkedIn profile.” William Arruda, contributing writer at Forbes.

Stay Connected! Become an active member today

By: Monica Peña   (@MUNDUmedia)

The new year is usually when we ponder on which groups or associations to join or renew.  Before signing up to a multitude of places, take a few items into consideration to make sure that membership is right for you:

Know your goals.  Depending on what you are looking to achieve, there are a few things you may contemplate; such as if the organization offers ongoing information to further your career through professional developments, will there be enough opportunities to make the right connections via mixers, or are there ways to give back to local communities as a group.

The track record is key.   Do the research on whether the group has a good reputation, missions, and accomplishments. Pay attention to if members are like-minded in goals or individuals that you want to be associated with.  If it’s a new group, check if the leadership has good character.

Visit before joining.  If it is a new group, attend a few meetings before joining to ensure it is one you will be comfortable with the interaction, agenda, and atmosphere.

Check the schedule and locations of meetings. Make sure location and times work with your schedule.  If not, is there enough on–line interaction to meet your needs?


Picture credit to Public School Employees of Washington for Committee sign up

Picture credit to Public School Employees of Washington for Committee sign up


Once the best association(s) have been selected for your needs, stand out by being an active participant.

Know your benefits. Create the most of your memberships by simply checking privileges and asking questions.

Attend meetings.  Be visible and allow other members to know you.

Volunteer.  Best way to demonstrate skills is to get involved in committees and the leadership.

Stay connected on-line. Interact on the group’s social media sites via LinkedIn, Facebook fan page and/or group, Google Plus, etc. Virtual communication allows for the opportunity to be visible beyond the physical meetings.