Growing a Successful E-mail List

Cultivating a well-established e-mail list is the number one asset for a company when marketing services/products as the communication is to a focused audience interested in that specific subject.  With the right plan of action and messaging, a company can continue to stay connected while growing their customer base. Here are some tips on accomplishing this:

  • Create convenient ways for potential readers to join the list. Having a tablet, sign-up sheet, fish bowl, and producing QR codes are easy ways to make this happen.
  • Train sales associates to verbally explain to clients how the company keeps them informed with the periodic communication and the benefits.
  • Have raving fans of your services/products on the list gives an opportunity for your company to come up in others conversation. Don’t forget to include family and friends that may be the most supportive and frequent opt to forward the information.
  • Include online sign up options on social platforms as well as Facebook call-to-action feature, add link to bios on sites, and web sites.
  • Don’t forget the potential of existing readers by encouraging them to forward, add share buttons, sign up feature, or share the e-mail to potential new subscribers.
  • New contacts from attending events, being a speaker, or a sponsor can be sources for the valuable information shared. Partner with noncompeting businesses to grow circle of influence.
  • Maintain readers already on the list by having useful content. Simple and concise content performs the best in today’s mobile-dominated world. Messages with 5-7 links tend to perform well and add pictures for visual appeal.


Economic Growth Business Incubator Celebrates Success

For the 4th year in a row, the Economic Growth Business Incubator (EGBI) will share a night with friends and supporters to celebrate a remarkable year and their clients’ accomplishments at their Celebrating Success fundraiser.  The 4th Annual Celebrating Success event will be on Thursday, November 13th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the For the City Center (500 E St Johns Ave, Austin, TX 78752).  It is the time to experience how EGBI is changing lives and contributing to the economic development of our region by assisting entrepreneurs in starting businesses and creating jobs.

Economic Growth Business Incubator (EGBI) provides emerging and existing businesses led primarily by historically economically disadvantaged community members of the Greater Austin area the tools to establish and grow their business through education, business plan assistance, and consulting. Their focus is the creation and nurture of enterprises that become a vital part of the community and make an impact to the local economy as a whole. Whether area entrepreneurs want to start a business or take your small business to the next level, EGBI is a great resource.  EGBI has a unique approach to entrepreneurial incubation – all-inclusive training, pre-launch education, post-launch support, Spanish support, and office space. EGBI strive to be a one-stop shop for your emerging, growth-oriented enterprise.

MUNDU Media’s founder, Monica Peña, is proud to be named Economic Growth Business Incubator’s 2014 Volunteer of the Year for being one of their most reliable volunteers by sharing her time and talent volunteering as class instructor.  She has represented EGBI and promotes their services at various community events.  Join EGBI at their annual fundraiser on November 13th as we celebrate success!

For more information on EGBI or the event, visit:

EGBI celebrating