Using Social Media Etiquette

By: Monica Peña   (@MUNDUmedia)

As our company’s representatives, we are careful to leave a positive impression to people we come into contact with at business mixers. We should be mindful that many of the same rules in physical settings can be the same with our social media.  These simple guides of etiquette should be important to remember:

Be a good listener. Social Media is not only about posting and having others read your information. Pay attention to others post. There may be an opportunity to build a relationship, do business, or learn.

Be engaged. One sided interaction is never absorbed favorably. Share valuable information instead of participating in high pressure sales.

Be educated. Make sure to know your product. Miss information on a product or service can come back to haunt a company for years to come.

Be consistent. Being visible is a great way to build your credibility and for people to find your business when they actually need your services after they have already become familiar with your company.

Be positive. Don’t bash competitors and stay way from making negative comments about other social media users. Great attitude goes a long way to attract the clients you seek.

Being aware of surroundings and observing different customs is also crucial. Photo via Expat Magazine

Being aware of surroundings and observing different cultures is also crucial.
Photo via Expat Magazine

Standing out in Professional Networks through Social Media

By: Monica Peña   (@MUNDUmedia)

Are you using social media to get the most out of the networks you belong to? As we all know, it is not enough to simply pay membership dues and wish for the best. To get true value from membership we must get involved and attend events. Same is true for those same groups’ social media outlets including LinkedIn, newsletters, Facebook fan page, etc.

Here are some considerations when tapping into these social media outlets while allowing your professionalism and knowledge to shine:

Be aware of criteria. If not sure ask.

No spamming. Be a useful contributor.

Don’t need to reinvent the wheel. If attending one of the organizations events write about the speaker and point out items learned. Members that were not able to attend will appreciate the information and start seeing you as a resource.

Interaction is key. A lot is learned from other’s thoughts and is a good way to get noticed.

Post events and attend new ones. Events are a useful ways to see people again and build those long lasting relationships.

Be consistent. As you are continuously seen virtually and beyond your visibility will grow.

Maximizing Professional networks through Social Media Photo via Be Transported

Maximizing Professional networks through Social Media
Photo via Be Transported

Social Media with a Smile

By: Monica Peña   (@MUNDUmedia)

Since the beginning of my customer service career I have been taught “service with a smile”. Whether in person or on the phone, a customer feels more inclined to do business with someone cheerful and upbeat. Same is true with all other communications including social media. Ever read someone’s professional or company’s post and felt the tone did not express the willingness to do business with anyone? Did the interaction leave you feeling dooms day was right around the corner? Thought maybe it would be better to delay the services until the representative resolved their personal issues?

Greetings, well wishes, and positive outcomes to projects are a few examples of optimistic post as well as great ways to engage your target audience. If posting a problem, state a solution, a way the problem can be avoided in the future, or a success story. Others skimming through your social media platforms will be impressed by colorful pictures and useful information on your industry.
A smile is contagious and should be evident in all communications, even social media. So as you continue to make encouraging additions to your company’s post, news will spread about your knowledge and your company’s reputation including attitude. Be the company others want to do business with.

Smiles are contagious so share one today.Photo via Pumpkin Soup

Smiles are contagious so share one today.
Photo via Pumpkin Soup