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Monica Peña is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who carefully creates a strategy to market and move businesses and organizations to the forefront of audiences. Her proven method helps business owners and professionals stand out in their local community through a combination of offline and online efforts. Her award winning expertise in online marketing has made her a sought after speaker on topics that help professionals, businesses, and organizations minimize the time, money, and energy. 

In addition, Monica Peña speaks on topics that opens awareness for audiences to make the most of networking opportunities, how to use their membership benefits, and how to initiate long lasting connections to generate more capital. As a certified Master Life Coach, she assists audiences she speaks with to remove barriers that limit their potential so they can excel in meeting their goals, discover their niche, and successfully pursue their life purpose. As a certified Sales Coach, Monica speaks on sales goals, prospecting, honing in on consumer behaviors, and strategies to meet client needs to close a deal.  Monica is a member and VP of Membership of EGBI’s Toastmasters International Club to consistently build on her leadership abilities and sharpen her public speaking skills. 

Popular requested workshops to professional groups are Creating Your Personal BrandBuilding a Positive Online Reputation, Conociendo Tu Valor, Know Your Value, Getting You LinkedIn for Successful Results with a Winning Profile, and How to Use ChatGPT to Save Time & Communicate More Effectively

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Monica Peña helps business owners with their offline and online marketing efforts.
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