Free ways a business can share their Facebook Page

Facebook pages are the main feature that a business can use on Facebook to build a free digital presence.  Once you know the page is complete with the essentials:  a profile photo, about section, Page username, and an action button, it is important to create posts that are relevant to your target audience. Below are […]

Improving your Facebook Business Page

Improving Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook business page is not enough.  With so much information on an individual feed, it is wise to create a strategy to ensure your company stands out.  Whether you are just creating your page or want to improve an exiting one, here are a few quick tips to improving your Facebook Business Page: […]

Facebook Insights to Go

With Facebook Insights to Go, users can get insights faster, filter, find, download, and share latest stats from Facebook IQ. Facebook IQ offers insights, studies and research using people, advertising and industry trends coming from Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other platforms. These insights can be searched by different category combinations including regions, industry, people, moments, campaigns, and […]

Add an admin to a Facebook business page

If you’re an admin: Click Settings at the top of your Page. Click Page Roles in the left column. Type a name or email in the box and select the person from the list that appears. Click Editor to select a role from the drop down  menu. Click Add and enter your password to confirm. There’s no limit to the number […]

Selling with location-based data

Location-based marketing on mobile runs on opted-in location data. The vast majority of location-based marketing is powered by opted-in GPS data, received from smartphones. That is, when someone opts-in to share their location with an app, the latitude and longitude data gathered from that app is what powers location-based marketing and analytics. There are other […]

Facebook Recommendation Feature

Whether you’re looking for a bakery or a barber shop, a veterinarian or a vacation rental, Recommendations helps you find it. Get exactly what you need from the friends who know you best by requesting a Recommendations from your contacts on Facebook by following this link: and click on Ask for Recommendations button.   […]

Two Useful Facebook Features You May Not Know

These are two Facebook features you may not be aware of that I thought you may find useful: Want to see the history between another Facebook user and yourself? To see photos and old conversations with your contacts on this social site, click the ellipsis icon in your friend’s profile and tap ’See Friendship.’ To view how people […]

Find Trending Topics on Facebook

People from all over the world gather every day to share their thoughts and participate in real-time conversations on Facebook. Here is the way to find the most popular conversations, trending topics. To the right of the News Feed, you can see a list of topics that have recently spiked in popularity. The list is personalized, including […]

Pre-schedule Your Facebook Updates

The best way to be consistent with your Facebook business page’s activities is to set time aside to pre-schedule your updates. Facebook algorithms are not friendly to third party pre-scheduling applications.  By using a third party application like Hootsuite, most likely your audience will not see the information unless they directly go into your fan page to […]

How to link Facebook profile or Business Page to Twitter account

Anyone who has ever attended my workshops knows I am all about using the least amount of energy with the most impact.  For those not wanting to go onto yet another social media platform or wanting more content on their Twitter feed, arranging for Facebook status updates to automatically post to Twitter is an ideal solution. […]