Common email marketing campaign errors

It is the beginning of  the work week  and you are anxious to get  your newsletter out. Before clicking that send button, make sure to double check for errors. According to Boomerang, Mondays are when more errors are made in subject lines than emails sent on any other day.
Check for these common email marketing mistakes:

  1.  Simple typos that can occur either in the body of the email or the subject line. Typos in subject lines are likely to cost businesses at least a few email opens.
  2. Dated information for sales that have already ended or events that happened last month. This will reduce call-to-action and aggravate potential clients.
  3. Broken links can either take contacts to the wrong page, or take them to no page at all.
  4. Including a person’s name in the email greeting can impress contacts, but when emails show up saying “Dear First Name,” or “Dear […],” the intended effect is reversed.

 Email mistakes