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Panel Job Interview

How to prepare for a panel job interview

Preparing for a panel job interview involves similar steps as preparing for a one-on-one interview, but with the added challenge of facing multiple interviewers. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a panel interview:

  1. Research the panelists: If you know who will be on the panel, research each interviewer’s background and role within the company. This information can help you understand their perspectives and tailor your responses accordingly.
  2. Understand the format: Find out the structure of the panel interview, including how many panelists there will be, their roles, and the order in which they will ask questions. Knowing the format will help you mentally prepare for the dynamics of the interview.
  3. Prepare for a range of questions: Expect a variety of questions from different panelists. Anticipate questions related to your skills, experience, and the job requirements. Prepare examples and stories that highlight your qualifications and achievements.
  4. Practice active listening: During the interview, pay close attention to each panelist’s question and respond directly to them. Make eye contact with each panelist as you answer their questions. This demonstrates your attentiveness and respect for each person on the panel.
  5. Address all panelists: While one person may ask the question, make sure to address your response to all the panelists. Even if one person is taking notes or appears less engaged, it’s important to include everyone in your responses.
  6. Manage your body language: Be mindful of your body language throughout the interview. Sit up straight, maintain good eye contact, and use open and confident gestures. Engage with each panelist individually while also considering the overall group dynamic.
  7. Prepare questions: Just like in any interview, prepare thoughtful questions to ask the panelists. This shows your interest in the company and the role. Consider asking questions that allow each panelist to share their perspective or insights.
  8. Practice with mock panel interviews: Conduct mock interviews with a group of friends or colleagues playing the roles of panelists. Practice answering questions from multiple perspectives and receiving feedback on your performance.
  9. Remain calm and composed: It’s natural to feel a bit more pressure in a panel interview. Stay calm, take deep breaths, and remind yourself that you are well-prepared. Engage with each panelist as an individual and maintain your confidence throughout the interview.
  10. Send thank-you notes: After the panel interview, send personalized thank-you notes to each panelist. This demonstrates your professionalism, gratitude, and attention to detail.


Remember, panel interviews can be challenging, but by preparing thoroughly, remaining composed, and engaging with each panelist, you can increase your chances of success. Good luck on your interview!

Monica Peña is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a proven method to help professionals stand out in their local community through a combination of offline and online efforts. As a certified Master Life Coach, she assists her clients remove barriers that limit their potential so they can excel in meeting their goals, discover their niche, and successfully pursue their life purpose.  She is a certified Career Coach that works with professionals on improving their LinkedIn profile, interview skills, and negotiating a better compensation.

Monica Peña

Intuitive Marketing Coach and Strategist

Monica Peña is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a proven method to help small businesses and professionals stand out in their local community through a combination of offline and online efforts.



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Vicky Valdez
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Deborah Snelgrove
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