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Point of Sale

Improve Customer Experience with Point of Sale Technology

A point of sale (POS) system allows your business to accept payments from customers and keep track of sales. It sounds simple enough, but the setup can work in different ways, depending on whether you sell online, have a physical storefront, or more. Mobile devices such as Smartphone and tablet POS services can process payments and manage some inventory and customer information.  There are several ways that POS System can improve customer experiences with your company.

Provide Fast Checkout- Make a payment transaction on the spot as soon as your customers make a purchase decision whether at a vendor booth, storefront, or event online.   The barcode scanning function eliminates manual data entry and inventory errors. It makes checkout time quick!

Accommodates a Multitude of Payment Methods- Take advantage of every sales opportunity by meeting customer’s preferred payment method. Offer a wide variety of payment options to stay competitive and win customers like cash, credit and debit cards, mobile wallet and e-wallets payments, and gift cards.

Offer Prepaid Store Credit- This can entice your customers to return to your store and prepare for future big purchases.

Provide options for receipts- Offer buyers multiple options for receipts like direct printing of paper receipts, text, and sending email receipts.

Resolve Inventory Issues- POS system uses real-time inventory tracking, reconciliation, and inventory levels to make sure stores are always stocked,

Collect Customer Information- Collect customer data every time they interact with you. You can include the touchpoints on the POS experience journey so your customers can express their thoughts about your business.

Reward and Loyalty Programs- Loyalty programs are an effective customer retention solution that encourages higher spending and repeats purchases.

Monica Peña

Intuitive Marketing Coach and Strategist

Monica Peña is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a proven method to help small businesses and professionals stand out in their local community through a combination of offline and online efforts.



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Vicky Valdez
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Deborah Snelgrove
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“Monica worked with me on a smart action plan on how to make the most of my online networking opportunities and presence."
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Margarita Foss
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“Monica is professional and knowledgeable. We worked on getting my marketing efforts organized with a realistic to do list using a project management tool and improving my presence on LinkedIn.

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