Leverage Your Team to Grow Your Brand’s Online Visibility

Businesses and organizations wanting to attract their ideal audience by increasing their online visibility should leverage their team’s social media network. Group’s benefit by team member’s taking content ownership with better customer service, higher conversion rates, increased inbound web traffic, and reduced marketing cost.

Tips on creating the team’s online synergy:

  • Create a specific time each week that all involved are encouraged to like, comment, and share posts on different social media channels.
  • Have one person send out an email asking for participation with specific social media tasks and information to share on the platforms they feel the most comfortable using.  Follow up with a reminder email later in the day as a reminder to take the actions.
  • Give participants credit for being active with online shout outs. Re-post their activity to increase their social media reach and make them more popular. Create extra incentives when possible to encourage involvement.

Team office

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