Reasons to keep your LinkedIn Profile updated

Once you have created your LinkedIn account there are not too many occasions where you will have to give your profile a complete makeover. But it is important to keep it updated and review it regularly as circumstances do change for every professional. Plus when contacts visit your profile, you want to make sure how you are representing yourself offline matches your online presence. If someone Googles your name, your LinkedIn profile will most likely show up high on a search.

Updating your LinkedIn profile regularly ensures that you provide the latest information about your accomplishments, education, and projects. It also gives you a chance to review areas of your profession you may be missing. Are you lacking certain certifications or have not gotten involved in a certain groups?  Like a resume, you want to ensure the person viewing your profile know who you are and your accolades. Have you received recommendations from people you have recently worked with or a project just completed? When reviewing your profile, it is a great time to goal set since we are all a work in progress.