MUNDU Media in Ujima Magazine

Ujima Magazine was founded in 2008. The magazine highlights the “everyday hero” in the African American Community in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. Ujima Magazine’s digital publication tells diverse stories that educates readers and shares resources to encourage positive growth in the community.


Special thank-you to founder/publisher of Ujima Magazine, Damita Miller-Shanklin for interviewing Monica Peña, founder of MUNDU Media, for an article on “Building Your Business Through Networking“. Both ladies met networking which has flourished to a relationship of collaboration whenever possible and great respect for each others accomplishments. The information in the latest issue of Ujima Magazine included MUNDU Media services, vision for North Austin Influencers™ , and benefits of networking.

These are a few tips shared that will assist in networking success:

• Networking will not result in immediate progress, but if consistently working towards goals the positive results will show.
• Follow up is key.  Figure out what valuable information you can offer people you meet.
• Being prepared and practice will build confidence.
• Be aware. Especially if new to networking, spend some time as an observer.
• Don’t wait for the perfect situation to get started.

To read the complete article discussed in this blog and view inspiring stories in Austin and surrounding areas, read here.

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