Professional Women Virtues and Dress for Success Austin

I recently had the opportunity to instruct a workshop for Dress for Success Austin‘s  The Career and Professional Elevation (CAPE) Program. This program supports women as they address obstacles to securing employment. Through the tools and resources they receive, participants are empowered to continue and succeed in their job searches.  I covered tools for the job search; including resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn.  We started the discussion by discovering what their ideal job would look like and then went more in detail about researching and using the correct keywords for personal branding.

Someone’s personal branding is the impression that their presence whether online, on paper, or in person leaves on others.  With this said, I could not help but notice a sign posted on the wall listing virtues of professional women.  It is important to take time to consider the strategy for your personal brand, but it is also the small consistencies in a person that leaves a lasting impression.  Some positive habits saw on the list were introduces herself to new members, dresses professionally, and makes eye contact when shakes hands. As an organizer and speaker I truly appreciate RSVPs online at least the day before and thanks the speaker.  I am pleased to say I received appreciation from each attendee and questions were asked at appropriate times.

I was happy that through my skills as an instructor I was able to help support the mission of Dress for Success Austin.  They have volunteers and supporters that empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools to help them thrive in work and in life. If you are interested in getting involved or are in career transition and need this amazing organization, visit their web site .