Wealthy Sisters Network

Wealthy Sisters Network is a national networking group focused on women building wealth while focused on living a life RICH in Mind, Body, and Spirit. Local chapters help women learn more about money, save more money, and earn more money through a monthly series of local and virtual financial and networking events.

Wealthy Sisters Network, Austin Chapter meets the fourth Monday of each month at the Ronald McDonald House and is organized by Edie Phillips to cover topics and resources that will be useful to ladies in our local area and beyond.

Monica Peña, founder of MUNDU Media, LLC, spoke to the group at their May professional development on Quick Tips to Improve to Getting You LinkedIn for Successful Results!

“We are women who come together to support each other on this journey called life.” – Dawniel Winningham, Founder.

Wealthy Sisters Network

The dynamic founder of Wealthy Sisters Network, Dawniel Winningham had words of wisdom to share with the group,” surround yourself with people who believe in you.  Are they pushing you to the next level?”

Wealthy Sisters Network

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