Why Your LinkedIn Headline is Important

Why LinkedIn Profile Headline

The headline on your LinkedIn account is a short text below your name in the introduction section on your profile. It may be short but can make a big difference on whether someone takes extra time to find out about you. Find out more about what makes the headline on your LinkedIn account so important […]

Consistency Throughout Your Personal Brand

Personal branding

Looking for the secret to grow your influence and have more people thinking of you as a the solution to their problems?  The key to achieving this is brand consistency from your in person presence to all online platforms that should mirror you offline. When creating content to market yourself,  stay cohesive, clear, consistent and […]

Improving your customer’s experience

Customer touch points

Your company’s reputation has to do with your customer’s experience with you, your company, and then your product/service (in that order).  When taking into consideration the customer experience with your company, think of your customer touch points.  These are your brand’s points of customer contact, from start to finish. The beginning of your company’s journey […]

Using Streamyard to broadcast to multiple platforms


StreamYard is a platform where you can broadcast from your browser and can stream directly to various social networks.  Users can interview guests, sync comments, and brand every broadcast through live show to all audiences on multiple platforms at once. Backup servers make sure your livestream runs smoothly. It is easy to quickly create engaging […]

When a contact ask you to resend a LinkedIn Recommendation Request

Request recommendation again

You’ve sent a LinkedIn request to one of your contacts, but when you follow up with them about writing you the recommendation they say they can’t find it. Now what? If you go to their profile to make the request again, there will be a message that comes up that says a recommendation has already […]

Keywords for LinkedIn Recommendation Request

Recommendations for you

Keywords are essential to a LinkedIn Profile as your profile will be easily searchable and helps with personal branding. LinkedIn recommendations builds a strong reputation. There are a couple of reasons why it is important to incorporate keywords into your LinkedIn Recommendation Request.  This is why: Make it as easy as possible for the person […]

Using keywords in your LinkedIn Profile


Keywords are essential to a LinkedIn Profile. Keywords makes your profile be easily searchable, clearly communicates your expertise, and helps your personal brand. Below are some considerations to selecting keywords for your profile. If you work in an industry that has career-specific terms (and most all do), it’s a good idea to include these keywords in […]

Zoom Etiquette

Join us onlne

With people moving quickly to virtual meetings and presentations, it is good to keep in mind what is acceptable and not.  Much of this is very similar to what we would expect if we were to be in person.  Here are some points to remember. Be on time.  Make it a point to start entering […]

Ways to stand out on Zoom

Zoom meeting

Now that you are on Zoom, how are you going to stand out from the wave of others attempting to find their place in the world of virtual meetings and workshops. Turn on your video. Actually having your video on is more attract than an empty box.  If you must walk away for a moment, […]

Top two online meeting options

Virtual Meeting

Looking for options to meet online with customers, have virtually meetings with your team, or hold workshops. Below are two options. Zoom is ideal for anyone who works remotely,  has remote team members, or holds online workshops. The App allows for simple, easy setup meetings, screen sharing, scheduled meetings, private and group chat, and host […]