Summer Social Series

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Our next workshop is on July 17, 2019 at 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

You’ve had this beautiful, functional WordPress web site created for your services/products. Now you want to make changes, but not have to always contact your web site designer to make these adjustments. This is a hands-on interactive workshop to have users feel more comfortable with the back end of their WordPress site. Register HERE. 


Our next workshop is on July 31, 2019 at 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

LinkedIn is today’s most popular business social network that connects professionals from all over the world. “Getting You LinkedIn for Successful Results!” is a hands on, interactive workshop in which participants will successfully complete their profiles to allow them to confidently maneuver through various features of the platform while increasing visibility and acquiring a clear brand strategy for moving forward. Register HERE. 


Our next workshop is on August 14, 2019 at 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

Creating the right content is important in building your brand, growing your customer base, and staying connected to your ideal client. In this session,  we will discuss keywords, useful uses of information, strategic ways to get your correct message across to the audience you want to attract. Register HERE. 

MeetupOur next workshop is on August 28, 2019 at 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

Meetup is an online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world. Meetup allows members to find and join groups and organizers the ability to grow their presence through common interests.  We will discuss ways to use commonalities to meet personal and professional goals through memberships and as a thought leader in an organizer role. Register HERE. 

Want to receive less or no emails from LinkedIn

Are you receiving too many emails from LinkedIn?  Want to minimize these messages? A few clicks and your email preferences can be adjusted on LinkedIn to either eliminate these emails or change the frequency on how many times you are receiving them.

To manage types and frequency of email:

  • Click the  Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Select Settings & Privacy from the drop down.
  • Click the Communications tab at the top of the page.
  • Under the Channels section, click Change next to Email frequency.

Email frequency





Remove check from complete categories you wish not to receive mails from .

email categories






Or  take off check specific areas from each category you would like to not receive emails from.

specific areas







Or the frequency can be adjusted.



If planning to eliminate emails, be sure that your LinkedIn profile is being checked frequently.

LinkedIn’s Profinder Proposal Request

LinkedIn ProFinder program is designed to help freelance and independent marketers find new clients by meeting the qualifications. LinkedIn members interested in the freelancer’s services will make a request for services they need. Once LinkedIn’s algorithm finds a request that matches the expertise, an email with a proposal request will be sent out for services.  Profinders goal is to get the person requesting services up to five responses from highly qualified, local professionals within 48 hours of request submission.

Requests are brief and specific:

Profinder Request



Responses need to be timely and professional with a competitive price range for the service requested. The range may change once more details are communicated on the project.  The initial response will serve as a reference for the base of the cost of services.  Once the proposal is submitted, it will be shared and linked to your LinkedIn ProFinder profile.




Include next steps in your response, such as scheduling a phone call or an in person meeting. Any questions for the potential customer should also be included in the response. Before hitting send, reread your message paying additional attention to spelling and grammar. It is recommended to use spell check to double check.

The client may be evaluating up to 5 offers, so make sure your response stands out and reevaluate and adjust your profile periodically.


Hispanic Scholarship Consortium’s Summer Leadership Conference

The Hispanic Scholarship Consortium‘s  Leadership Conference is an event organized for current and prospective scholars every Winter and Summer. The objective is simple: to empower the next generation of Hispanics in Texas to be leaders in the community. With these conferences, Hispanic Scholarship Consortium prepares scholars for the workforce while instilling a philanthropic character.  

The Hispanic Scholarship Consortium collaboratively leverages resources to provide scholarships to Central Texas Hispanic students and offers a network of support that mentors and empowers scholars to graduate from college as workforce ready leaders engaged in our community.

To meet the conference objective, the organization has created goals to make this successful; including motivating a cohort of scholars to assume leadership roles in their communities, educational institutions and/or workplaces, equipping scholars with the best tools and information to become savvy professionals who effectively utilize networks and available resources to succeed in workplace and beyond, ensure scholars have a clear understanding of financial aid, college life, and options for graduate studies or advanced degrees,  providing opportunities for philanthropy and civic engagement with fellow scholars throughout the community, and engaging professionals and organizations in the area to positively impact the next generation of leaders with speaking or sponsorship.

MUNDU Media was proud to participate in this year’s Summer Leadership Conference to share knowledge on how to use LinkedIn for successful results to students.


Wealthy Sisters Network Celebrates Mashable Social Media Day!

Whether you are a Social Media Expert or JUST getting started, Wealthy Sisters Network promises to have something for YOU to help you grow your business and/or knowledge about building wealth online!

Are you READY to BOOST your BUSINESS and your CONNECTIONS?  If so , join us tomorrow starting at 7am CST through 7pm CST as we interview some of the GREATEST social media minds today!

Can’t attend LIVE? Register with Wealthy Speaker University at to receive the full replays! (Replays will be sent by Monday July 18th, 2016)

To attend virtually:  Dial 425-440-5100 #399472

If you are SERIOUS about moving your business to the NEXT LEVEL, you do NOT want to miss this event. Social Media is CRITICAL to doing business and staying in business!

Social Media Day Agenda with International Social Media Experts

7 AM : Opening of Event with Dawniel Winningham  with the Importance of Social Media

8 AM : Portia Chandler- Social Media Content & Strategies

9 AM : Kemya Scott- Content Marketing

10 AM : Shade’ Adu, Stivii Mills , Famira Green- Branding on Social Media

11 AM : Vanessa Collins- The Importance of Technology

12 PM : Ashley Ann – Instagram

1 PM : Apryl Beverley

2 PM : Monica Pena- Quick Tips for Getting You LinkedIn for Successful Results!

3 PM : Allison Kirk – How To Use Instagram For Business

4 PM : Sharvette Mitchell- Effective Social Media Strategies for the Part- Time Entrepreneur

5 PM : Dawniel Winningham Closing of the event with the Importance of Video In Social Media

Social media

Northwest Austin Business Connections

Northwest Austin Business Connections (NWABC) has been around since 1986.  Through weekly meetings, Northwest Austin Business Connections provides attendees the opportunity to support each other in mutually advancing their businesses by providing a forum for relationship building, networking, self-introduction, educational and professional development. The group of professionals ranging from Feng Shui expert, dog trainer, web designer, and more meet each week on Wednesdays from 11:30 am to 1 pm at Mangia Pizza, in Gracy Woods Shopping Center. Everyone is encouraged to come early to network.

The cost is $13.00 for members and $16.00 for non-members. Lunch includes price of room, lunch, your drink, tip, and tax. Another perk is that they are a dessert first group… Desserts are provided by various members each week. Remember to have dessert first! Membership is $30.00 for 6 months and applications are always available at meetings.

Special thank-you to the group for having founder of MUNDU Media, LLC, Monica Peña, speak on Quick Tips for Getting You LinkedIn for Successful Results! 

Referral group

Wealthy Sisters Network

Wealthy Sisters Network is a national networking group focused on women building wealth while focused on living a life RICH in Mind, Body, and Spirit. Local chapters help women learn more about money, save more money, and earn more money through a monthly series of local and virtual financial and networking events.

Wealthy Sisters Network, Austin Chapter meets the fourth Monday of each month at the Ronald McDonald House and is organized by Edie Phillips to cover topics and resources that will be useful to ladies in our local area and beyond.

Monica Peña, founder of MUNDU Media, LLC, spoke to the group at their May professional development on Quick Tips to Improve to Getting You LinkedIn for Successful Results!

“We are women who come together to support each other on this journey called life.” – Dawniel Winningham, Founder.

Wealthy Sisters Network

The dynamic founder of Wealthy Sisters Network, Dawniel Winningham had words of wisdom to share with the group,” surround yourself with people who believe in you.  Are they pushing you to the next level?”

Wealthy Sisters Network

ProFinder for Freelance Professionals

LinkedIn ProFinder program is designed to help freelance and independent marketers in the Austin, Texas Area find new clients. Some questions to ask yourself if you meet some of the key qualifications LinkedIn is considering when evaluating independent professionals to join pilot program are:

  • Are you a freelance or independent professional?
  • Are you experienced in your industry?
  • Is it clear from your profile what kind of clients you serve?
  • Do you have a complete LinkedIn profile?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then you may be a fit for LinkedIn ProFinder!

Learn more about applying to become a part of the LinkedIn ProFinder pilot program .

Linkedin Profinder freelancer

There are five main pieces LinkedIn is considering when viewing what they consider a successful profile:

  • Profile photo – A professional profile photo is the key to making a good first impression. Your photo should be clear, warm, and memorable.
  • Headline – It’s important to make sure that your headline matches the services that you originally selected on ProFinder, otherwise your specialties become unclear.
  • Summary – Your summary is a great place to highlight your passions and accomplishments in your own words. This is a valuable section that helps you stand out.
  • Recommendations – Recommendations are absolutely essential, as they can be the difference in whether or not you’re hired. Please bear in mind that it’s quality before quantity! A great recommendation has three parts:
    • Clearly defines your role in the project and its completion
    • References the skills utilized
    • Includes a date
  • Long form posts – The quickest way to build your brand is with LinkedIn’s publishing platform. You can write about anything from industry trends to career accomplishments. It’s important to write about what you know as these posts will help establish yourself as an industry expert; they will be clearly displayed on your ProFinder profile and they’re also available to all LinkedIn members, not just your network.

Using these five keys to a complete and professional profile will help you make a great first impression with potential clients.

LinkedIn Profinder


LinkedIn Profinder for Users in Search of Freelancers

LinkedIn ProFinder is a new professional services marketplace that LinkedIn is piloting in select geographic areas across the U.S. that helps professionals find the best freelance or independent professionals in their local area.

Linkedin profinder request

The program has already started testing the product with freelance professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area, and now they are testing it with a select few in  Austin, Texas area. It is also designed to help freelance and independent marketers in the Austin, Texas Area find new clients

For user to request a service, they must select the type of service they are looking for and click Get free proposals on those pages:

The goal is to get the person requesting services up to five responses from highly qualified, local professionals within 48 hours of your request submission.

LinkedIn Profinder








How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile and Presence

With more than 400 million users on its career-focused platform, LinkedIn is a prime place to connect with potential employers and employees. But you only have one shot at a first impression. Nearly nine out of ten recruiters say they’ve hired someone through LinkedIn. Something as simple as having a professional picture on your profile makes you 14 times more likely to make that valuable professional connection.But, there are simple mistakes many of us make either to our profile or in the way we connect with others that could hinder those chances. Whether you access LinkedIn from your work computer or tablet at home, it’s important to remember that while it is a social media site—LinkedIn content should be more professional and business-appropriate than any other platform. Check out the infographic below to avoid common LinkedIn mistakes (like using buzzwords or not customizing invitations) and ensure you have the most complete, professional profile possible.

Thank-you Quill and Ghergich & Co. for this excellent resource.

Click to Enlarge Image

How to improve your linkedin profile presense